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First of all we wanna introduce you to our new forums.  we would appreciate the community to suggest us ideas and ways to improve the game (there's a section for that).  You can also help us improving the game by reporting bugs and so on.

Don't forget to sign up now to get full access to our content, such as important announcements or events!

Now, let's get to the today's update.

Today we are adding a brand new system to open boxes in stock so that you don't have to use autoclickers or sleep on the keyboard in order to open dozen of boxes.

We have changed the drops of Exoria monsters and the seals of a few of the Night Shadow equipment pieces(R and E rank). We also applied some fixes and addons to the lacaball.

Let's get into detail regarding the latest news.

Updates and fixes

- Added a new system that allows you to open multiple boxes at once. By right clicking the boxes you wanna open you can choose the number of them to open or the number of them to delete. 

- Changed the drop of the Exoria monsters. Before they were dropping normal and chaos jewels level 10 and 11. They now drop them level 13 and 14 instead.

- Changed seals of the Night Shadow pants and armour. (ranks R and E only).

- Added a new lacaball section for Infinity gifts.

- Fixed a bug that was causing items to disappear from the warehouse.

- Made some changes to the Attack Pack in the item mall.

That's all for the today's update. 

Stay tuned for a lot more to come! We are looking forward for your feedbacks and suggestion to make Infinity a better place for you all.


Friendly regards,

Infinity LC Administrators

PATCH 5 months ago


Today we are releasing some important fixes and updates to the game. We are making some changes to Exoria, some adjustments to the item mall and adding a few minor fixes.

Let's get straight into details.


- Cotacoce respawn is now set to 10 minutes instead of one hour

- Fixed respawn time of moonshine quest boss, it's set to 5 minutes now

- Added -50% MP consumption to the newbie title

- Added jewel removal scroll, jewel fusion scroll and jewel chaos fusion scroll in the diamond NPC

- Added the curse removal scroll in the item mall

- Added C2 russian and C2 hair in the item mall

- Added pet mount retaining

- The HP/MP extension pots (7 days) price is now 1499 instead of 2000. We have also added a discount pack for these potions

- We have added a farming zone in Exoria

- Exoria monsters now drop medium meds, big meds, jewel and chaos jewel pockets (lv 10-11)

- Exoria bosses now will drop equipment level 165 (R grade)

- We have fixed the cube buff. Now it no longer goes away after teleporting

- Lots of security improvements 

That's all for now.

Stay tuned for the next update, there are a lot of crazy news to come soon! 


Infinity v2 administrators

PATCH 6 months ago

To apologize for the delay, until tomorrow the cash online event x2 + the vote event x2 will be active,visit the instagram page to see the voucher we gave you.


-Lowered Experience Booster prices in the Cash Npc now they cost ( 500k ) also we on the diamond npc now it cost ( 500 )


-We have changed the prices in the Owl’s Affinity Merchant 

-Add MP Owl pill on the Owl’s Affinity Merchant 

-Add Rune of protection in the Cash Npc 

-Add Tool aid in the Cash Npc 

-Fixed the HP of trivia valley Mobs 

-Fixed all the Quests for 165 Armor/Weapon , Now all the Quests Doable even on level 165

Regards Infinity Staff.

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